BOB DIAMOND’s Forms Set and Instructional Audio

Bob Diamond’s Forms Set is the leading active guide in legally obtaining and navigating real estate deals. All of the published documents are active forms that Bob uses in his personal investment business.

In the most comprehensive Forms Set available, Bob will teach you how to use real estate agreements to obtain and protect the best deals. As attorney and investor, Bob will personally walk you through a FREE audio tour of all of the forms so you completely understand them.

The Complete Forms Set with bankruptcy disclosures!

The Forms Set is completely current with Bankruptcy Reform disclaimers and disclosures to protect the savvy investor. The current publication of this Forms Set has over two dozen forms.

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Sample forms include:

  • Assignment of Mortgages — Specific forms to take or sell an "Assignment of Mortgage". This Includes a "Statement from a Borrower" of the amount owed on a mortgage also known as "A Statement of No Set Off". The Statement of No Set Off protects you from borrower disputes on the amount owed at a later time!
  • Corporate Assignment of Judgment — A sample document that allows a corporate judgment creditor to assign you their judgment. This will help you buy junior liens other than mortgages.

Absolutely the most powerful tool for active investors!

  • Flip Analysis — Perhaps the most valuable tool in this package. It includes the specific formulas that Bob uses to determine profitable flips ~ the mainstream of his personal investment business where he averages over $60,000 per flip!
  • Letters of Intent — Letters of intent that bind your deals while you have an attorney work on the papers. Includes two alternate forms!
  • Offers to Buy Mortgages — Two different sample letters that offer to secure a mortgage from a mortgage company or investor. One form allows you time to have an attorney review the file after you reach agreement on the sales price.

Other real estate experts ask Bob to write and edit their forms sets!

Other seminar leaders and experts actually use this forms set as a basis for their own! Bob has even rewritten and published forms sets for other educators! Don't you want your forms from the "source"?

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Additionally the Forms Set includes...

  • Foreclosure Information Form
  • Residential Lease
  • Letter of Permission
  • Mortgage Payment Comparison
  • Notary Affidavits
  • Option to Purchase Form
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Partnership Checklist
  • Power of Attorney Sample
  • Quick Qualifier
  • Rental Value Calculation
  • Tips on Buying Mortgages
  • Tips on Mortgage Assignments
  • Deal Summary Review
  • Buyer Information Sheet
  • And more!

Order today for a FREE bonus!

For the first time ever outside of a seminar or workshop ~ the CD version of Bob Diamond’s Investing Forms Set comes with a free two disc tutorial on how to interpret, manage and be successful using this Forms Set. This audio tour comes absolutely FREE, because Bob is committed to your success with this Forms Set!

The introductory price for Bob Diamond’s Investing Forms Set with the FREE audio is only $245 plus shipping and handling.

Call (800) 452-2930 to order by phone.


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